China Slide Blisters, Slide Blister Card/Packs/Packaging Manufacturer

Here at XiMan Industrial, We provide a wide range of slide blister packaging, custom  slide blister packaging, slide card blister packaging and stock slide blister packaging. 

We are the biggest and most professional clamshell packaging and blister packaging manufacturer in China.

Key Benefits Of Our Slide Blister Packaging:

* Easy open, easy close.

 * No machines required to seal packages.

* No returns, No torn packages coming back.

* No tooling charges.

* Consumer friendly packaging.

* Easily recycled.

* Competitive price.

* Immediate shipment for most items.

* .Minimum amount can be s low as 1 piece for most items.

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Stock Blister Packaging

Here at XiMan Industrial, we offer all kinds of stock and thermoformed packaging, 

Here are some stock cell phone packaging for reference,

More details, pls email us or call us directly.

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Retail Blister Packaging Exporter

XiMan Industrial specializing in retail package design including blister cards, clamshells cards, heat sealing packaging, and other forms of card packaging.

Retail Blister packaging have been a popular choice for marketing and manufacturing companies these years, providing a cost-effective means of displaying a product line. Besides providing customized blister solutions, XiMan also offers stock blister packaging for a great looking product at a reduced cost.

Contact us for your packaging solutions, we will give you a quick quote within 24 hours

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Food Container, Food Packaging Supplies

Food Container

The use of food little common sense: 
Each Food Container at the bottom there is a number (it is a triangle with arrows, there is a triangle number

If the number in the "05" or above can be recycled use. And the greater the number the more security. 

If less than "5", namely "04" or below, not even Numbers, do not use recycled or heat, because it will 
distribute toxic chemicals, the causes skin cancer. According to "food safety law" and "general principles" and "detailed rules" the relevant provisions of the use of disposable food box, food enterprises must choose to have the corresponding qualifications of the products of the enterprise. 

Consumers shall have the right to show me rope ticket, if you worry about the disposable container the safety and quality of food companies may be required to produce the receiving paper, test report and other certificates of tableware.

More details, pls contact with us at any time,

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Display Blister Packaging For Mobile Phone

Display Blister Packaging For Mobile Phone

The production techniques of Display Blister Packaging For Mobile Phone

Production required to pay attention to product quality requirements, must pass through a number of 

different link, from the quality control of molding machine to automatic assembly line production, carefully 
check, online checked in the production process need time to do a comprehensive inspection, packaging 
personnel also have the responsibility of the quality nspection, multiple link to ensure the quality of 
mobile phone sets of blister packaging. 

Punch cutting edge, mobile phone blister package after out of the molding machine is more than one full of blister products become an organic whole repeatedly, the need to use cutter to single out, the products of the blanking die cutter is not sharp would appear, causing peripheral irregular phenomenon, or a knife mould put incorrect bad etc, lead to product scrap.Check is the last program before sealing, to ensure the quality of the product inspection negligence, this procedure will phone case blister packaging check again after sealing waiting for shipment.

If you know to get more information of our phone packaging, pls contact us now!

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China Clamshell Packaging, Clamshell Blister Packaging Solutions

Clamshell blister packaging has been used for decades for consumer products,cell phone & tablet products, food products, hardware, and many other items. It offers a variety of extremely important benefits that are quite difficult to reproduce at a reasonable cost with alternative methods of packaging. The packages are made of thermoformed plastic, and can be custom molded to fit a particular product or group of products,or purchased in a wide range of standard sizes and styles for a variety of uses. In recent years, easy opening options have been engineered into various designs, overcoming one of the issues consumers have with these products in certain applications. Typically, packages used for consumer products are designed for display on a rack or in a point of purchase, or POP, display. This packaging approach also works very well in industrial applications for the bulk packaging of parts, components, and fragile electronic assemblies.

Industries and Applications

This packaging method is so prevalent, it is hard to think of an industry where clamshell packaging is not used. These containers are used in large volume for food service and fast food, consumer electronics, computer parts and accessories, toys and games, hardware, automotive, cellular phones, “smart” phones, medical products and kits – the list is endless. Polystyrene shells, once commonplace in the food industry, have come under scrutiny due to environmental concerns. They are still readily available and widely used, but many firms are opting to convert to paper or recyclable plastic clamshell packaging as a way to satisfy consumer demand and maintain cost competitiveness. In retail packaging applications, shells are frequently used in conjunction with a cardboard insert containing product information along with a sales and branding message. Packages can be manufactured with hang tabs or holes for display on pegs, or designed with a flat bottom in order to stand upright on a retail shelf.

Advantages of Clamshell Packaging

One of the most important benefits of this approach is protection against pilferage. As everyone knows, shells are not always easy to open, which although frustrating to consumers, helps contain the cost of consumer items by limiting product theft. This type of packaging is highly recommended for high end consumer goods, especially those that are extremely popular. High value items also benefit from the product stabilization and moisture protection characteristics inherent in these packs. Items that are subject to rough handling or environmental extremes, along with fragile products, find these containeres an appealing packaging solution. Cost, an appealing packaging solution attribute in all industries, is found here as well. Standard items and high volume production runs of custom products have a comparatively low per unit price versus alternatives that involve inner packaging materials and sealing tapes. Link back to the Clamshell Blister Packaging page or back to the beginning of this Clamshell Blistet Packaging article. Link to our main page for other packaging solutions.


Why Use XiMan Industrial for Your Packaging Projects?

Why Use XiMan Blister Pack for Your Packaging Projects?

Professionalism and quality packaging is what XiMan Blister Pack can offer you.  We are here to ensure that your products are packaged securely and emphasize product visibility.

With XiMan Blister Pack, you can buy your products in bulk from our factory and we will delivery the goods on time. 

Our Passion: Leadership in service, quality and design
Our Mission: To be the customers first choice
Our Commitment: To ensure our people reach their full potential
Our Goal: Managed commercial and profitable growth 

Welcome your any custom cavities,we will work out for you at any time,

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PS Flocking Tray Manufacturer

PS Flocking Blister is a kind of special materials used the plastic absorbing tray, the ordinary plastic plate on the surface of a layer of flocking to pledge material, to make the surface of a velvet tray handle, used to improve the grade of packaging materials.

Flocking blister is mainly used in the following packaging products: jewelry box, health care products packing box, wine boxes, glasses box, marriage certificate, top grade certificate epidermis, bottle, bags, stickers, paper skin (board), etc.                  

If you want to get more information of flocking packaging,pls contact with us at any time.

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China Vacuum Forming Process, Plastic Thermoforming, Thermoformed Tray/Packaging Company

We provide complete solution of PET Blister Packaging that is available in various ranges. These Blister-Packaging are designed with superior quality of raw material with long-lasting finish. This Blister Packaging is widely appreciated by our valuable clients!

We are instrumental in offering a supreme quality range of PET Blister Packaging to the esteemed customers. The entire range of products is manufactured using finest quality polyethylene terephthalate, procured from the trusted sources. Moreover, we employ latest technology and advanced machinery for designing and manufacturing these products.


Perfect shape
Fine finish

Welcome to contact with us!

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Custom Cosmetic & Beauty Packaging, Cosmetic Containers Manufacturer

A blister pack for a cosmetic article is disclosed which provides a means to include and protect an applicator while permitting the viewing of the cosmetic items. 

The package comprises a support panel on which are mounted first and second blisters adapted to confine a cosmetic applicator and article, respectively. The first blister is mountable on the support panel confining the applicator and providing support for the cosmetic article while protecting the applicator from crushing and contamination. 

The second blister is mountable over the first blister, and the cosmetic article supported thereon, in a manner which allows the cosmetic article to be opened and the cosmetic therein viewed while preventing access to the cosmetic.

Where can find the best cosmetic packaging manufacturer?Here

Hi Here~ www.szblisterpackaging.com / www.headpackaging.com

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What is PVC Blister Pack/Packing/Packaging?

What's PVC Blister Packaging?

Our rich experience allows to produce a unique gamut of PVC Blister that are fabricated using superior quality raw material and are applicable in various different industries.

We offer special blister packing especially used for packing variously sized articles. The packing is safe and durable and is excellent for packing objects like bottles, foods, medicines etc. These are available at reasonable rates and can also be customized. These blister are commonly used in cosmetic and auto industries.
More deatails about the PVC Blister Packging,Pls visit our online Website: www.szblisterpackaging.com  /  www.headpackaging.com


China PET Blister Tray/Pack/Packing/Packaging Supplier

Blister Packaging China Supplier

This is Wendy, A salesman of XiMan Industrial, she is diligent and work hard on business. 

Let's enjoying the below video, welcome your any comments or questions for blister packaging!

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China Clam shell, Clamshell, Clamshells, Clamshell Packaging Manufacturer

Clamshell is a one piece container consisting of two halves joined by a hinge area which allows the structure to come together to close. 

Clamshells are usually made of a shaped plastic material(PVC or PET), in a way that is similar 
to a blister pack. The name of the clamshell is taken from the shell of a clam which it resembles both in form and function.

Clamshell containers can be made of a variety of plastics material, such as polystyrenepolyesterPVC, foam sheets and so on. The material can by made by Thermofoming or can be injection molded into the desired shapes. A single piece of material is used for the top and bottom with a " living hinge " that is integral with the material, rather than added separately.

Folding cartons made of paperboard or molded pulp can also be of a clamshell shape. It can also be made of cellulose fiber, such as sugarcane-bagasse, wheatstraw, wood pulp, etc.

If you need more information about Clamshell Pack, please contact with me at any time,

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Custom Clamshell Packaging For Fruits and Vegetables

Summer is coming soon, how to keep the fruit fresh?

Look here pls, Let me introuduce our hot sell Fruits and Vegetables Packaging to you~

Our company is a foctory specilized in all kinds of Food Packaging, such as food container, fruit tray, vegetables trays, clamshell tray etc.

By the way, PP, PVC, PET, APET(Eco-Friendly) materials all are available, custom blister packaging is most welcome, The MOQ of  packaging is based on 5000Pcs/design

Welcome your packaging designs or solutions! Contact us start now!

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General Manager of XiMan Industrial

This is Charlotte,General Manager of XiMan Technology Industrial(HK) Co.,Limited.,

Our company is a factory specialized in plastic packaging, Main supply products Included:

Blister Packaging, Clam shell Packaging, Thermoforming, Food Packaging, Blister tray, Slide blister Packaging, Plastic container, Skin Packs, Blister Cards, Packing Tray, Flocking tray, Macaron tray, Insert tray, Egg trays, Vacuum Forming Packaging, Cosmetic Containers, Food Container,  PVC/PET trays, Mobile Phone Case Packaging etc. With the continuous development of packaging industry, plastic molding universal application today and especially.

Share under the 5 major advantages of plastic molding:
(1) Specifications adaptability strong plastic molding method can create exceptionally large and small, extra-thick, extra thin variety of products, can be as thin as a sheet to 1 ~ 2MM even thinner product area can be as large as 10 square meters as small as a few square millimeters, wall thickness can be large enough to 20mm, as small as 0.1mm.

(2) Products, application of a wide range of industrial, such as Automotive, Cosmetic, Electronic, Hardware, Mobile Phones, Food, Toys and so on.

(3) Less investment in equipment.

(4) Mold making (plaster mold, copper mold, aluminum mold etc)

(5) Higher production efficiency.

Save raw and auxiliary materials, light weight, easy to transport, good sealing performance, comply with environmental green packaging requirements; packaging of any profiled products, the packing without additional cushioning material; visible transparent packaging products, beautiful appearance, easy to sell, and are suitable for mechanization and automation of packaging, ease of modern management, manpower savings, and improve efficiency. 
 Pallet, , Custom Cosmetic Packaging, Food Packaging, Transparent Plastic Container, Printed Plastic Bag,Anti-static PE bag,PO,PP Bag,Protective Film and so on.

Our advantage is not only our products but also our service! We guarantee our customers quality products at a reasonable prices. And our factory is one of 10 largest packaging supplier in Shenzhen with many years of packaging product experience and perfect management system manufacturer. Welcome to contact us!


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What is a Skin Pack/Vacuum Pack?

What is a skin pack/vacuum pack?
skin pack is a type of product packaging that sandwiches the product between a sheet of plastic and a cardboard backing. The plastic is applied to the object using a vacuum, or shrink-wrap technique, which removes all air from within the packaging system. In this way, the plastic serves as a type of skin, protecting both the product and the cardboard backing. Theskin pack is similar to blister packs, with one key difference. While blister packaging is made from pre-formed plastic, skin packs are formed around the product itself as it is packaged.
This packing solution is most often used with small, lightweight objects.This is less secure than blister packaging, so the skin pack is often used with low-cost objects where security is of minimal concern. One simple example is sliced bacon sold pre-packaged in the grocery store, which includes a paperboard backing and an outer plastic wrapping. A skin pack may also be applied to small hand tools, toys, or electronics.
XiMan company is a factory specialized in all kinds of blister packaging,welcome to contact with us!

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Vacuum Forming

  • XiMan Industrial is China’s leading Thermoforming packaging manufacturer Company, serving customers worldwide. XiMan Industrial develops and manufactures a wide range of medication blister packaging and thermoformed products. We always work closely with our customers, supporting them with our wealth of experience. 
  • Thermoforming can be used to produce attractive box inserts and interiors. The insert can be tailored to the shape of the product to be packed. This ensures a perfect presentation and protection of the product. These inserts can be made from flock film for velvet- like appearance. 
  • With the help Thermoforming XiMan transport and assemble trays for any industry, which is looking to.

Thermoforming Facilities

We have dedicated 4 Extrusion Machines , 5 Automatic Vacuum Forming Machines, 3 Automatic Pressure Forming Machines, 2 Automatic Thermo forming Machines, 3 Semi-Automatic Vacuum Forming Machines, specifically to cater to the needs of our large client base which keeps increasing as this is accepted for packaging the world over. We also provide innovative packaging designs to our clients for there domestic & export needs.
  • Transport products without damage.
  • Automation.
  • Visual identification of the packaging contents.
  • Optimizing working procedures.
  • Increasing packing density.

Weclome to contact with us at any time!

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Blister Card Packaging Manufacturer

Blister cards are the backbone of blister packaging. Together, the blister and blister card provide a beautiful, highly visible presentation of your product. Blister cards can be single cards, but also used in other variations such as the front & back card combination, or the fold-over card. In the case of a single card, the blister is sealed to the card using heat sealing. Alternatively, blisters can be trapped between front & back cards which are then bonded, or a card which is folded and then bonded. Front & back and fold-over cards can be bonded using heat or even cold sealing, a process which was invented by us.

All kinds of blister card packaging in XiMan Industrial,

Custom design it is most welcome!

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How Do I Choose the best Blister Packaging Manufacturer?

How Do I Choose the best Blister Packaging Manufacturer?

Many vendors use Blister Packaging to protect their products, to allow consumers to see the product and to separate the product from itself, as with pills that come in blister packs. There are regulations on how moisture-, oxygen- and light-resistant blisterpackaging must be, but some products may require extra resistance. While many different materials can be used to make blister packs, they can be separated in two categories: cold-formable and thermoformable; the manufacturer should choose a material that best works with the products. How the blister holds its contents also is important, because this will determine how the product’s packaging will look. The inclusion of a foot might be required, depending on retailers and the product involved.

According to regulations in much of the world, all blister packaging must be light-, oxygen- and moisture-resistant to ensure the product inside is safe and the consumer does not get sick if the product is ingested. Some products, especially unstable medications, may require resistance that goes beyond regulations. If this is true, then the manufacturer should choose ablister pack that meets these higher standards, so the consumer can use it properly.
Here,XiMan company can supplier high quality Blister Packaging with Competitive Price,we are the biggest Blister Packaging in Shenzhen China,welcome to contact with us!


Custom Blister Packaging Manufacturer

Custom Blister Packaging 

has risen dramatically because of limitless possible item sizes, shapes and contours of packaging all of which are centered around product presentation.Custom thermoformed blister packaging is a cost effective packaging solution that allows your product to be seen, but not touched. Fast turn around times from concept to completion with in-house design, prototype sampling and mold fabrication allows for a custom package to be created quickly allowing you to get your product into the hands of your customers quickly.

XiMan company,We provide thermoforming & dies, Blister Packing, Vacuum Formed Packing Trays, Material Handling Trays and so on.

Welcome your any inquiry at any time!

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